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SUPPORT - support questions cannot be answered here – the Spooky2 Forum is provided for this purpose. You can join by clicking the Spooky2 Forum link in the sidebar on the left (and please read the BOLD red text on the page before proceeding).

MEDICAL SUPPORT - legally, only licensed health professionals may offer diagnosis or treatment/medical advice. So please don't ask. Our job is to design superior Rife systems – please consult your health professional of choice.

SALES/SHIPPING - these questions cannot be answered here. Please click on the link to email our Support Team.

YOUR EMAIL - if you're with AOL or Hotmail, be aware that AOL block all email from our domain, and Hotmail simply delete it - so you'll never receive it. Please use a different address. Note that if you use a workplace address, your IT department's anti-spam procedures will almost certainly block our reply. Please use a personal address instead.

IMPORTANT - if your email is about support or sales/shipping, it will be deleted unanswered. We're very sorry, but there are many tens of thousands of Spooky2 users, and too few Spooky team members to be able to provide a one-to-one email service. All other queries are welcome.

Here's how to get in touch with us by email:

DESKTOP EMAIL: click HERE. This will launch your desktop email program with our email address already entered for you. Desktop email programs include Outlook and Windows Mail. Don't forget to include a subject title.

WEBMAIL: log into your webmail account and create a new email, then copy and paste the email address below into the correct field. Again, please include a subject title.

IMPORTANT - please ensure that your email address is active, has not reached any service provider limits, and is currently receiving messages, otherwise our reply may not reach you.