Spooky2 GeneratorX

GeneratorX (GX) is a new entry in the Rife community. It is the world’s most powerful Rife generator. The horsepower under the hood is absolutely staggering, and has allowed you to do some remarkable things.

Each GX contains 2 function generators, each with 2 outputs, so you can run detoxing programs while running pathogens killing programs.

GX can run at 40 MHz with any waveform. Because the MOR of cancer may be as high as 17.033662 MHZ, with GX, you can run this frequency without using a Waveform Multiplier.

GX can also load up to 30 programs from Spooky to run standalone without a computer. How amazing is that!

Spooky2 GeneratorX
Spooky2 GeneratoX

GX changes the rules for biofeedback entirely. A biofeedback scan which takes an hour with Spooky Pulse now takes just over 6 minutes. Even less if you do not need to measure both current and phase angle. No more sitting (or lying) down forever, waiting for a biofeedback scan to complete. GX uses state-of-the-art components and ingenious circuit design to accurately monitor the current and phase angle of signals all the way up to 40 MHz. So you can really see what is happening in your body.


GeneratorX has lots of other goodies, like AM modulation between any waveform, 5 kHz gating (at any duty cycle), and more. It is a true Rife machine, not a modified frequency generator.

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