Cancer is a group of diseases related to the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Research has found that viruses, bacteria, and parasites contribute to Cancer. Killing these bad organisms can help the natural healing of the body.

So, how can we kill these organisms? The answer may surprise you.

An opera singer can use his or her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass has a natural vibrating frequency. When the opera singer sings at that same frequency, the glass shatters. In fact, everything has a natural vibrating frequency. It is called the resonant frequency. Pathogens like bacteria and viruses also have resonant frequencies. If you transmit more of this same frequency to the microorganism, it causes structural stresses, and the pathogen is disabled or simply explodes like the crystal glass. Other organisms are not harmed, because they resonate at different frequencies.

Check here to see some real experiments for the power of resonance.

By using frequencies, we can selectively kill the organisms which cause cancer.

But how can we safely send frequencies into the body?

A Rife machine can send powerful healing waves through the body by using a plasma tube as an aerial. Rife machines are frequency devices invented by Dr Royal Rife. In 1934, Rife put his machines to the test.

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The University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring 16 terminally ill patients from Pasadena County Hospital to a San Diego lab and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine cadavers and any patients still alive after 90 days. The first 14 patients recovered in just 70 days, and the remaining two recovered three weeks later. Incredibly, the patients only required two 3-minute sessions per week to achieve total recovery.

(NOTE: Are you wondering why hospitals don't use Rife machine now? Discover the truth behind the "conspiracy" by Big Pharma.)

Thanks largely to the success of this trial, Rife machines were used by doctors for a short period of time. These doctors reported that patients with cancer, tuberculosis, syphilis, and many other infections were healed completely after only a few weeks of Rife treatments.

Dr. Couche reported rapid recovery of tuberculosis and chronic sinus infections. Dr. Arthur Yale used his Rife machine to heal his patients from syphilis, cancer, tuberculosis, and many other infections. Dr Butterfield reported stunning results for a multitude of diseases.

These amazing results were through the power of resonance.

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14 thoughts on “How Do Frequencies Work for Cancer?

  1. I donot have the plasma unit and do not totally understand detox first statement when you put it as above. Any way you can put entire treatment for cancer into one or two show me programs that all can understand. Yes I have a very close person with short time left by medical.

    1. Hello, Robert. Have you downloaded Spooky2 software? You could try Cancer Protocol in Spooky2 software. The guide for that protocol is in >Cancer >BY. Terrain(detox) is for you to prepare your body for the next treatment. You could also get more suggestions from other users in our Facebook group.

  2. I've heard that the cancer frequencies have expanded quite a bit. I just recently bought the Spooky2 for my nephew whose mother is in end-stage cancer. Do you have any specific resource pages/info for help with the frequencies, how often to use them, etc., that he could get more direct guidance from? Please reply to both our emails:, and, and please put Gentry on your mailing list for these blogs, any updates, etc. Thank you so much!


    1. Hello, Carol. Don't worry, we are all here to help. Have you downloaded Spooky2 software? The database is constantly updating. For cancer, we suggest that you use Cancer Protocol. The guide for Cancer Protocol is in >Cancer >BY >GUIDE. And you could also let him join our Facebook group for more suggestions from other users. Hope she could get better soon. 🙂 Also, I already let our service lady to reply to again, please check the email box.

  3. Oscilamos con un Océano de frecuencias del Cosmos y de la Tierra.Un conjunto "especifico" de este Océano organizan y generan todas las formas de vida existentes, dirigen el crecimiento, desarrollo y la muerte de cada ser vivo. También estas frecuencias resuenan con todos los átomos de los elementos de la llamada materia y sus estados. Los micro organismos patógenos, radiaciones de elementos de la tabla periódica, químicos, contaminación electromagnética que se instalan en el cuerpo, generan vibraciones que dañan la funcionalidad y producen las enfermedades. Descubrir la frecuencia vibratoria de los elementos que causan la enfermedad y su aplicación como remedios de frecuencias, curan las enfermedades. Cuando no se encuentra la frecuencia especifica, no hay curación con ningún modelo medico conocido

    1. Hola victor ¡Gracias por compartir con nosotros! El Dr. Royal Raymond Rife estudió las frecuencias de rife para el cáncer y se probó en la prueba de 16 pacientes con cáncer en 1934. Puede obtener más información en la lista de frecuencias si está interesado.

  4. How do we apply these frequencies in Gen X?
    Are they applied manually or are they already part of the programs in the existing database?

  5. If it was so successful why does it say it was used by doctors for a "short" period of time. Why is it still not in use? Did they maybe discover bad side effects?

    1. Hello, friend. Rife machine has no side effects because normal cells won't be affected by the frequencies for pathogens. It's very sad that he original Rife machine was destroyed, which was a shame for all of us. But Spooky2 is here to help now. Here are some reviews from Spooky2 users about cancer, you could check them if interested. 🙂

  6. Hi there.
    I just brought my Spooky2 back to life after almost two years of storage. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in early 2017 and opted to pursue alternative treatment in Mexico instead of what my doctor recommend which removal of the organ. My home treatment ended last December. I had two tumors removed during that time and the latest biopsy was carcinoma in Situ. It appears to have spread to my lymph nodes and my urologist is recommending chemo I have not yet met with the oncologist to further discuss. I have my generator running the detox 11 day program in remote mode. Any suggestions you have are appreciated. I eat a very healthy diet, mainly organic and maintain an alkaline oh. My body temperature is usually a bit low and my Naturapath is trying to bring it up. No dairy nor meat in my diet. The only coffee consumed is is coffee enemas.
    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
    Rich Haugen

    1. Hello, Rich. You're very strong and we're more than glad to help you go through this. When you have finished running Terrain protocol, we suggest that you use cancer protocol in Spooky2 software to fight with bladder cancer. You could check the guide for cancer protocol in >Cancer >BY of Presets tab for details. You could start from Phase 2 of cancer protocol directly because Phase 1 is Terrain. Also, you're welcome to join Spooky2 Facebook group to get more information or talk about your process with other experienced Spooky2 users. You won't be alone during this fight. Hope you could get better soon. 🙂

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