Illnesses can be categorized into 3 major categories: Acute, Chronic and Serious.

ACUTE conditions are problems that have occurred fairly recently, such as influenza, sore throats or headaches. These usually take Spooky Remote from a few hours to a few days to resolve. Often a single 12-hour treatment is enough to clear up acute illnesses like Influenza, Food Poisoning, the Common Cold, etc. But allow up to 5 days of continuous treatment if it does not clear up. Spooky Remote gives you the freedom to continue with your regular daily activities without interruption.

CHRONIC conditions are the health issues that have had the chance to “settle in”. These take significantly longer to fix, depending on the condition. Many require 3 weeks of continuous treatments running several Spooky Generators. Parasite treatment can take over a month to kill all the eggs or larvae as they hatch during their life cycle. Special Presets and instructions for some health conditions such as Morgellons and Cancer are already set up in Spooky to make your task easier.

SERIOUS (life threatening) illnesses will usually require at least 3 months treatment, unless the condition has occurred recently. The most serious conditions will require treatments up to 6 months. But this is only a very rough guideline. Use your clinical lab test results as a precise indicator for treatment duration. Do not merely rely on how you feel. Often people will feel better shortly after commencing their treatment, but symptoms can return unless the treatments are continued.

Combine Spooky Remote with contact mode. Overnight contact mode Presets will hit the problem from several angles. For the most severe health issues, use Spooky Central.

In deciding the duration of your treatments, you must decide which of the 3 condition types you have. It is essential that you know what you are treating, and what pathogens are associated.

The Spooky2 database contains over 6200 disease treatment programs. It is the largest and most comprehensive database available. Use the Spooky search facility to find what programs best suit you. To learn how to search the programs according to your conditions or symptoms, please this link:

If you are unsure of the cause of your symptoms, consider including one of the many frequency sweeps that are included with Spooky.

12 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Treat Diseases Using Spooky2 Rife Machine?

  1. I have a 4 year old feline leukemia. positive cat with active lymphoma. She has a huge, hard, rapidly growing mass in her saliva gland, completely occupying her right cheek, going back almost to the ear, and descending down under her chin and into her neck, causing her lots of pain. I'm considering surgery next week, however I don't know if the surgeon will do it with out me agreeing to chemo too...which I am scarred of. I got a full Phanotron set with all the bells and whistles delivered two days ago. Have been treating her with a detox program remote, and the phanotron bulb sitting 2 inches from the cheek, with the rife cancer plasma protocol. It's hard to figure out how to have the bulb near her without harming her eyes. I got a box with 3 high sides, and she leans against one side with a whole cut out for her cheek. Any other suggestions for a better system would be most appreciated.
    How often should she be treated? or how long. What else should be used? Ultra sound? PEMI wand for pain? How to use both? Time is not on her side and any and all help would be most appreciated!

  2. I'm looking to buy a Rife Machine, but I'm still doing my research and also pricing different units.
    I don't want to buy a bullshit item that does nothing, so far your site looks interesting so far.
    I'm doing this since I have prostate cancer, and all other alternative methods I have used are not really being effective.

  3. I have an 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. We have been eating very low carb and managed to have him in a honeymoon stage for 2 years but this all of the sudden changed overnight last October. Can we use this Rife machine for him? how will this help? Do you have testimonials specifically on children with type 1 and how the Spooky2 machine has helped? I welcome all feedback. Thank you.

    1. In Search box type "liver flukes" and run all 3 sets. Liver flukes can migrate from the GI tract to other abdominal organs besides the liver - this includes the kidneys. Search for Fasciola, Fasciolasis, and Fasciolopsis. Click here for more details: What's more, there are many suggestions about lung and liver fluke in this website, you can search for results:

    1. Hi, Ahmad. We do have frequencies about the valve, you can search 'Heart Valve Diseases' in our software. But please note: cardiac conditions are inherently unstable. Many conditions contribute to this, so when it is urgent, open heart surgery is important.

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