Spectrum Sweep outputs multiple simultaneous frequencies on each generator output. This targets the frequencies where most pathogens live. It is convenient and powerful for killing. You can see it in the Terrain protocol, Morgellons protocol, etc. If you do not know what pathogens you have, you can apply a Spectrum Sweep.

Spectrum Sweeps can also be used for pests and molds. If you want to eradicate ants, fleas, mosquitoes, insects or other vermin, a Spectrum Sweep is a good choice. To eradicate mosquitoes, collect a few dead mosquitoes and place them in masking tape. Then place the tape in your Bio North Spooky Remote and run a Spectrum Sweep program non-stop for a week. The same procedure can be used for other insects.

Spectrum can be used to resolve garden problems such as tree blight. This is often caused by mite infestation or fungus. Spooky Spectrum Sweeps kill pathogens both known and unknown, and is ideal to use for treating blight. Use the sticky side of masking tape to pick up some insect specimens or mold spores from an affected leaf and run a Spectrum Sweep.

Detox programs are recommended when running a Spectrum Sweep. Also eat homemade fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim chi, miso, pickles, kefir and kombucha to maintain gut flora biodiversity.

In summary, Spectrum can be used for killing all pathogens, no matter what they are.

21 thoughts on “How to Kill Pathogens, Pests and Molds Using Spectrum Sweep

    1. Hi, the resonant frequencies of these microorganisms are the research results of Dr. Royal Rife, Spooky2 research team, and other experts. Some are shared by our friends and Spooky2 users.

    1. Dear Patricia, when you use Remote, you can be treated wherever you are. But other transmission modes like contact, PEMF, Cold Laser and Plasma need specific distance. If you want to treat cancer, Plasma is the most effective mode.

  1. How can I kill pest plants such as Blackberry (which is overtaking the garden and leaving no room for the native plants)?

  2. I am trying to treat my chickens for mites. Can I use a feather in the remote, or must I try to get a nail clipping. Also, I am not certain it is mites as I have no seen any, but they are showing all symptoms of mites. I would like to treat their coop also, so is this possible without finding an actual mite?

    1. Niki. You can use feather, it is part of the cover body that contains cell in the base. The use of feathers as a sample of DNA isolation or DNA genome sources simplifies sampling process of many birds. And run Morgellons or another mite program and Spectrum Sweep.

      1. Have been running frequency sweep-but only have one 2mm borer in the remote. Am waiting for more borers to put in the remote. Then we will put a bottle of live borers nearby to see if they are affected by the sweeps. Concerned citizens of Johannesburg like me would love to hear from anyone with experience of any kind of pest or mould and Spooky2. This could be huge. We are going to lose all our precious old oaks and poplar trees if a solution is not found.

        1. Hi, RICHARD. Put a freshly killed insect in paper masking tape to slow down dehydration. Use the Spooky2 Spectrum Sweep and run it non-stop for a week. Since you are going to lose all precious old oaks and poplar trees, we recommend you join our group to find more suggestions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/ They are experienced.

          1. I have joined and posted. Thank you from all the concerned residents of Johannesburg South Africa for your responses.

          2. I dont know what the Spooky2 Spectrum Sweep is. So I went to File>Create Spectrum Sweep. Called it Shothole borer. Saved it. Then went to the Programs tab, searched, found it, and loaded it to the generator in the usual way via the Control tab. Running it now, but have no way of knowing the effect on borers in trees around us until I find some live insects to observe.

  3. Thanks but I already read that post at least 3 times. Anyonelse like to help? Shot hole borer is trending news. We going to lose half a million trees in Johannesburg-one of the world’s largest urban forests if no solution found.

    1. Have you tried killing one and putting it in the spooky2 remote and running a converge sweep on the spooky2? Also if it works a little kill samples in different parts of the forest. As there my be many different family's of this bug, so different DNA. You may have to run the program for weeks so do not get discouraged.
      If you think its not working test on another insect put some ants or something you can monitor because it should work. It kills the enzymes etc that help insects digest food so they starve. At least that is my understanding. Craig

      1. I just realized your suppose to use the spectrum sweep not converge sweep. PS it could take weeks if not months because eggs with hatch and you need to keep running to make sure no more eggs Craig

  4. Hi THere, I have some mice that are raiding my bird feeders. I want to deter the mice from being around the house but do not want to kill them or the birds or insects.

    Please advise

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