There are lots of Rife Machines to choose from. Many have very impressive and technical specifications that make choosing even more difficult. So how do we choose a Rife machine?

Many suppliers state the power output of their machine. Is more power better?

In fact, no. Beyond a power threshold, a Rife machine will become less effective and may cause more harm than good. Rife machines create resonance in cells using frequencies. Each cell type responds to different frequencies. Imagine pushing a child on a swing. Each push is synchronized with the swing of the child. This is resonance. It does not take much strength, but soon the child is swinging very high. You will cause harm if you push too hard.

The thing that we should look for in a Rife Machine is accuracy, rather than more power. Back to the analogy of a child on a swing, if you push the child at the wrong time, the child will not swing so high. Resonance will be lost. The best Rife Machines can set their frequencies very accurately. Our system is exceedingly accurate and stable.

The other very important thing to consider is the quality of the waveform. Often manufacturers will say that their Rife Machine produces a pure waveform, but this is marketing nonsense. As soon as their machine is in contact with skin, the waveform changes, and all sharp edges become rounded. This is because the human body becomes part of the circuit.

So what is the solution? One solution is to use low power and high frequencies. The cells in the human body allow high frequencies to pass easier, and waveforms do not need to be sharp at the edges.

You may also choose a better way of applying the frequencies, like using Spooky2 Remotes or Plasma. Royal Rife used Plasma to cure all the cancer patients during trials. We don't want to compare Spooky2 to other systems. Our plasma is unique in that all the power that is transmitted by the plasma is used to heal. We use low power with great accuracy, with no wasted energy that may harm people.

I will also give you some other tips to make the purchase decision easier.

First, try to avoid purchasing from manufacturers that compare their machine to others. They will proudly invent proprietary features that other systems do not have. This is pure showmanship. Instead, look for independent reviews from real users. They don't have a financial interest in sales figures.

Secondly, a more expensive machine does not mean it is better. It usually means they have a marketing budget that must be fuelled by profits. This budget is necessary because they have to blow their own trumpet.

Thirdly, business ethics is important. It is good to support those who contribute to society, and help those in need.

Finally, look for a supplier who has an active forum filled with real users.

Spooky2 ticks all the boxes with a system that is safe, effective and affordable. The software is updated very often, and is free.

When you purchase a Spooky2 system, you are not left in the cold. You are encouraged to join the Spooky2 Facebook groups, forums and newsgroups. Hundreds of people just like you are asking the same questions you have, and getting valuable assistance. Read real reports from real people stating how happy they are with Spooky2.

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10 thoughts on “Which Rife Machine to Choose

  1. I would like to purchase the Spooky2 rife machine but it seems overwhelming and confusing. Is there someone I can speak with that can help me answer some questions?

  2. I would love to try a plasma for my recently diagnosed brain tumours from secondary breast cancer. If anyone knows anyone in New Zealand that isnt using theirs l would live to give it a go. Was hoping to save up for one but my hours at work have been cut back so my survival rate vs time left to work has really changed on short notice.

  3. Can this be used for hair loss due to excessive stress and worries? I don’t want to waste money if it’s not for me

    1. Hi, Bettie. Some users of us used Rife machine for 4 days and my hair feels different-bald spot has been covered with thicker hair: Also, PEMF can also hair loss, giving them more energy to repair the damage, reduce prostaglandin D2 and stimulate the growth of hair cells:

  4. QUESTION: What kit + additional attachments are necessary to have in order to use to cure most anything but, life threatening situations?

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