In the United States alone, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in 2018. More than three people and at least one cancer death each minute. How horrible is that!

More and more scientists and biologists are discovering that resonant frequencies can destroy cancer cells. However, only a few people know that resonant frequencies cured 16 terminally ill patients with various cancers back in 1934. The first 14 patients recovered in just 70 days, and the remaining two recovered three weeks later. Incredibly, the patients only required two 3-minute sessions per week to achieve total recovery. This medical trial used frequency equipment designed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Of course, the results aroused the attention of the entire medical community.

As a great scientist, inventor, and engineer, Dr. Rife was a genius. Based on his previous work, Dr. Rife believed that microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites, were at the root of all disease. To prove his theory, Dr. Rife needed to observe these pathogens in their living state during his experiments. Some of these pathogens are incredibly small, particularly viruses. No equipment existed at that time to view them directly. As an outstanding mechanical engineer and microscopy expert, Dr. Rife made a microscope which could magnify 60,000 times. Better yet, the superior magnification was equaled by its resolution. Dr. Rife's microscope used monochromatic light that caused the organism to fluoresce. Rife could identify the virus he observed by the color they refracted.

A modern electron microscope can only view dead pathogens. Organisms are killed when they are prepared for viewing. Observing how organisms move and behave in real time provides valuable information. Because cell samples were still living while being observed, the Rife Universal Microscope was vital for the research of frequency treatments for disease.

Dr. Rife knew that everything vibrates at its own natural frequency. He believed that if he could discover the frequencies of disease-causing microorganisms, he could destroy them with the same vibrational frequency. In much the same way opera singers match the frequencies of wine glasses with their voice, and shatter them. On the basis of this theory, the 1934 medical trial proved that the Rife machine was (and still is) an effective cancer treatment system.

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29 thoughts on “Rife Machine Cured 16 Cancer Patients 84 Years Ago

  1. This should be published in the UK by putting it into the Daily Mail newspaper. It needs to be know and then for present researchers to submit argument for and against in the public domain!

    1. The daily mail is the last publication you want to put it in. That newspaper isn't worthy of a fantastic story like this.
      Doing a little research, you'll find that it is on par with 'the Sun' and have lost millions of reader due to lies (not misleading stories).

      1. I couldn't agree more the daily fail is only fit for a fascist comics read of drivel and titillation.

    2. What it is, is what it is, one of the largest money makers of all time, so big it would kill off whats left of the total economy. Lets be realistic, we know most cancer can be cured by less expensive means but that wont happen in our lifetimes because of greed, paragraph, period. ☹

    3. Back in the day, they already judged it and deemed he was a hoax, hence they barred him, how've this didn't stop him from continuing, after he died a Dr Clark took over his work and continued. There are different various others. Eg Scalar Energy, etc who also, now work along the same line.... Everything in the universe is Energy, vibration frequency which is ultimately how we operate, interact, etc etc... He was the pioneer for all of these.

    1. Oh you know it ! Anything that will cut into their profits they don't like it ! I found from taking a med that was on FDA's blacklist which worked great !

  2. The medical community would rather see people die and suffer their horable radiation treatments then be cured of this deviststing plate on man. Big pharma makes billions off of meds for cancer. There’s to much money in the illness. They would kil the cure befor they would update ever test it

  3. If this machine actually does what is claimed then the big pharmaceutical companies should be seriously charged for ignoring it. They have consciously allowed millions of people to die from something they knew they could potentially treat and help irradicate. May those that knew about this and decided to hide it away from the public have no peace or rest in their souls.

      1. After the trials proved so effective the AMA persecuted Dr Rife for not being an M.D... He was a clinical pathologist that they said was treating people without a liscence. Filed a suit and had his clinic shut down. Find the book Lost Science by Adventures Unlimited. It has a chapter devoted to Rife and more inventors that were silenced. Good luck.

        1. That's true. They then went on to shut down all other naturopathic & holistic centres. I think a fine or imprisonment was then imposed on anyone practicing.

    1. They know about it. They (ama) destroyed Royal Rife after they saw what it could do. They wanted to buy it from him and he refused. He figured out what they were up to. I understand even Mayo in Rochester also knows about this"

  4. Breaks your heart to remember & mourn the many of your friends, family and loved ones that have suffered, are still suffering or have died through cancers, when, all the time this type of knowledge is prevented from being investigated more thoroughly, trialled & maybe saved just 1% of sufferers. If this is an absolute fact, then the pharmaceutical companies should be charged with murders due to controlling facts available to save lives. It of course won't happen because most of these companies are owned and operated by big banks & money lenders (maybe the same thing??) who all have only one thing that matters to them, and that is, yep, you've got it... MORE MONEY & POWER. And, they possess enough of both of these already to make research into something they don't want known almost impossible... would it be too much to hope for that a close family member to the one at the top suddenly goes down with cancer? I don't think so, as it just might make them realise how devastating it is to the rest of us, and who knows, start the ball rolling in the right direction... please God, let's start the New Year with something positive!

  5. What about the 3.30 Megahertz that Dr. Rife used? Nowhere is it mentioned on this website.

    The higher audio frequencies that were used by Philip Hoyland in the original Beam Ray Clinical machine to produced, through harmonic sidebands, the more accurate high RF frequencies. Again we will point out that these high audio frequencies were the frequencies used to create the 1936 chart of Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies. People have mistakenly used these higher audio frequencies believing that they were Dr. Rife’s original primary frequencies. They made this mistake because they did not know that these high audio frequencies had to be used with a harmonic carrier frequency of 3.30 Megahertz (3,300,000 Hertz) to produce through harmonic sidebands Dr. Rife original high RF frequencies.

    1. You're right, Camille. Philip Hoyland used the carrier method in the machines he designed. However, the carrier was not crystal controlled and was not stable. Our Plasma can also use a carrier. We have a preset which does this. If the user wants carrier, they can select this preset.

  6. big Pharma has had the cure for decades not only to cancer but diabetes as well. No money in the cure. We all need to go back to holistic cures and stop using antibiotics in our food and medicines. Let our bodies do the job. one course of Antibodies wipes out all the good bacteria in your gut like a fire to a forest. It takes us around 2 good years for this to be rebuilt. Good quality homegrown no chemical foods are the cure to this epidemics. Stop eating GMO as it will make your great grandkids sterile is consumed by all three generations. Why do you think there are so many women and men having trouble conceiving. Greek man (62) told he has incurable cancer. Doesn't believe them until the 3rd Dr told him. He leaves America for his homeland to live his last days out with family and friend. He eats what they grow on the family farm and homemade wine. He buried his father then his mother. Goes back to his Dr there in Greece aged now in his 90s. Dr tells him the cancer is back and this time it would take him. By the way, those 3 Dr's in the US have all died who gave no more than a year to live. What does this tell us all? We need to go back to the old ways. Where we are now it is no good for anyone but those at the top who buy their foods from clean sources. Instead of investing in that new car or a boat how about investing in yourself. Isn't that what is most important to you. All the money and possessions won't keep you well or alive for too long. Or you can smoke live hard and die young as my dad did at 59 years of age. I'm now almost his age now and lost him when I was only 24. Coming up 34 years ago.

    1. Hello, Irene. Thanks for your support. Spooky2 will keep working hard to let more people get useful information. 🙂 If you're interested in Rife machine, you could start here.

    1. Hello, Sanitha. Thanks for your interest in Rife machine. You could get more information about Rife machine here.
      And if you're inerested in Dr. Royal Rife, you could read this article. 🙂

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