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18 March 2017
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Click on any image on this page and it will open in a separate browser window (or tab, if your browser is set to do that). Depending on your browser, you may have to right click and choose this option from the pop-up menu. If the image is too small, just enlarge the window and it will resize. In a tab, you can click on the image and drag the scrollbars.

OK, you’ve downloaded and installed your copy of Spooky2 and you’re ready for action (don’t worry, installation is very simple and straightforward, and if installing new software isn't something you do very often, full instructions are in the Spooky2 User's Guide).

When you click the Spooky
2 shortcut that was automatically installed in your Windows Start Menu or Taskbar, this is the first screen you see:
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Presets tab: Simple View

This view allows the brand new user to create powerful and effective Programs by using templates called Shell Presets with appropriate settings already programmed. You find these in the Shell (Empty) Presets collection. Other collections contain many useful presets with everything pre-programmed, including program(s).

  1. Select a Preset Collection from the left column. To build your own, select Shell (Empty) Presets.
  2. Click the Programs tab (shown below) to search for the condition or pathogen, then double click to load.
  3. Click the Control tab (shown below), choose your generator, then hit Start.

Tick the
Advanced checkbox, and another three tabs will appear along the top of the window:
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Presets tab: Advanced View. The new tabs are: Settings, System, and Internet

Settings: where you control every aspect of the signals for both outputs of each generator – or slave other generators.
System: make settings that will affect every generator in your Spooky2 rig.
Internet: send email to clients, or visit various Spooky2-related websites.
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Programs tab

Now search for and load a single program – or build a sequence of programs in the Loaded Programs column above – then configure various options to determine delivery. When you're happy with your work, you can go back to the Presets tab and save it under a new preset name to your User preset collection.
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Settings tab

Spooky2's "engine-room," where you can engineer the signals that will be transmitted via both outputs in ways you can specify. Since Spooky2 creates all its waveforms in software as arbitrary waves, you can design your own, and share them with others.

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Control tab

Spooky2's "bridge," where you have individual control of up to 127 generators, with real-time control over frequencies. With Spooky Pulse, you can also perform a biofeedback scan here to find all anomalous frequencies in your body, then use the results to resolve problems. If you wish, you can also cross-match your found frequencies with the contents of Spooky2's frequency database, currently the largest on Earth with almost 32,000 programs, including Base Pairs and Molecular Weight. Additionally, a separate Base Pairs database for plant and animal pathogens can be loaded in the System tab (below).
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System tab

Settings made here apply to every generator in your rig, and to Spooky2 operations and behaviour. Configure momentary manual modulations you can apply in the Control tab as the program runs, see what hardware is connected to Spooky2, and set up a "blacklist" of banned frequencies that Spooky2 will never transmit.
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Internet tab

With a correctly configured POPmail desktop client, use the email facility as you wish. Click an icon in the Social pane to open your browser and visit a Spooky2-related website.
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Errors tab

Operational errors are historically recorded here, and remain until you specifically clear them. This information can also be saved to a text file. The Status Bar along the bottom of the screen is present in every tab for live error tracking. The Screenshot button captures the contents of all tabs and saves them to Spooky2's Data subdirectory. The Customer Support button also makes screenshots and sets up the email pane in the Internet tab so you can send them directly to the Spooky2 Help Desk with your email.
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File Menu: Create Program

Choose Create Program from the File Menu to build your own frequency program and save it to your personal database, along with your notes.
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File Menu: Create Carrier Sweep

Conventional plasma machines create modulation sweeps which are inefficient and wasteful – and not nearly as effective as their manufacturers would like you to believe. Spooky Central doesn't require any carrier at all, but you can use one if you wish. And the best way to do this is to build a carrier sweep. This is a far more effective way to use plasma sweeps that conventional machines just cannot do because they're still based on 1920's hardware and scientific thinking. Carrier sweeps can be saved to your User preset collection.
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File Menu: Create Spectrum Sweep

Spooky2's unique Spectrum and Wave Cycle Multiplier technologies allow you to produce up to 1,024 frequencies at the same time from a single generator operating in Remote Mode. Wave Cycle Multiplication allows you to specify the number you want. It's also used to create complex waves with many internal modulations, and it's responsible for some of our unique waveforms like sine damped, square damped, sine H-Bomb, and square H-Bomb.

Remarkably, Wave Cycle Multiplication can also force a generator to transcend its hardware limit of 5MHz and transmit pristine waveforms with full amplitudes at frequencies up to 25MHz.

Spectrum can be used for individual frequencies, or you can build a Spectrum sweep in this window with your own notes and save it to your personal program database.

Other Useful Features

2 isn't just the most powerful Rife system available – it's outrageously multitalented. And we have the Spooky2-5M generator to thank for that. Not only can it drive Spooky Central, with its four sub-systems, deliver contact treatment with carriers if desired, not forgetting Remote Mode, you can also use it in many other ways.
  • It can power either of the two Spooky Cold Laser (LLLT) accessories.
  • It can drive a Spooky PEMF Coil.
  • You can use it to make very high quality nano-particle colloidal silver – check out the Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Kit accessory here.
  • You can use it as a Dr Hulda Clark zapper using either 2.5KHZ or 30KHZ – or both together at the same time.
  • You can use it to eradicate household insect pest and mould infestations. Check out the current Spooky2 User's Guide for details. The Spooky2 Home Care Kit is specifically designed for home insect pest and mould remediation – it's here.
  • You can connect a Spooky Radionics machine and use it to imprint frequencies on water, sugar pills, or crystals. At the same time, you can add radionics rates together with the frequencies of any beneficial substance you place on the input plate. Or you can simply transmit all of this subtle energy directly.
  • You can use it as a footbath detox system – a preset is included for this.
The Spooky team is constantly developing new ways to put this powerful system to work, and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline right now.

IMPORTANT: You can freely download and install Spooky2 without needing to connect any physical hardware to your PC. The software will run in Test Mode and work with a whole bunch of virtual generators. Obviously, since there are no real generators involved, you will get no beneficial results, just the experience of how everything looks and works.

To see how Spooky
2 can be simple and straightforward to operate, we encourage you to download the Spooky2 User's Guide as well. This, together with the software, can be downloaded free from here. Choose the Spooky2 Starter Pack to get the software and Guide in one zipped package.

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