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Spooky Plasma is our flagship Rife machine and centre-piece of the Spooky2 Rife System. This astonishing machine has the super plasma originally used by Rife.

L-R: Spooky2-XM Generator, Spooky Plasma with Spooky Phanotron Tube

Spooky Plasma is the only machine we know of that can transmit frequencies of up to 3,500,000Hz (3.5MHz) without needing any wasteful and potentially harmful fixed carrier frequency.

Every component that goes into building Spooky Plasma - including the rugged case and wiring - is mission-critical military-grade. This makes the machine eminently suitable for heavy-duty clinical and research lab use as well as for everyday domestic situations.

The price is $1,300.

The Spooky Phanotron Tube is the plasma tube that was originally used by Dr. Rife in his 100% successful cancer clinical trials. It's priced separately at $300. It is best for concentrated energy on a given issue, like a localized cancer.

Phanotron Tube
Spooky Phanotron Plasma Tube

The Spooky Straight Plasma Tube is also available separately and costs $205. It is for scattered issues in the whole body, like disseminated pathogens. You can choose either tube according to your needs.

Spooky Straight Plasma Tube

Please note that a Spooky2-XM frequency generator is required to supply frequencies. There are three Spooky Plasma kits available – the Spooky Plasma Triple Generator Kit version comes with three generators and most of the accessories, while the Spooky Plasma GeneratorX Kit version comes with one XM generator, one GeneratorX plus the accessories. One XM generator is then used to drive Spooky Plasma, while the others (including GeneratorX) used for non-stop Remote Mode detox, support, biofeedback, etc.

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