For both chronic and serious illness, we strongly recommend our users to run the Morgellons protocol before or during other treatments.

The Morgellons Protocol is a comprehensive pathogen killing protocol which works in the order from the smallest organism to the largest. Any small organisms that are being hosted by larger ones are killed first, so they are not released into your unsuspecting body when the larger organisms are killed. Many, if not all, of the Lyme pathogens are also treated in this protocol, so it can be used to treat both.

The Morgellons Protocol also adds Brine Therapy and muscle testing aspects.

You can download the Morgellons protocol from here: under Useful Documents section.

The Terrain protocol is the start of the Morgellons Protocol and helps you to detox from flukes and parasites to heavy metals and more. It is designed to help your body remove all unwanted “garbage”. This is essential for rapid and successful recovery.

To have a general idea of what are included in Terrain protocol, please check below:
Step 1:
Detox Mercury & Heavy Metals (metals& chemicals)
Step 2:
Detox other toxings (systemic, intestinal& blood )
Step 3:
Organs & System support (liver and kidneys)

To make it easier for our users, we now have made the entire Terrain protocol into one Preset. You can read more details here:

4 thoughts on “What Is the Morgellons Protocol?

    1. Hi, you can find the PDF instruction in Spooky2 software now. Please go to the Presets tab, click Morgellons and Lyme/Morgellons and Lyme V3.0/GUIDE M&L - Click Me.pdf to open this instruction.

  1. Hi I just discovered Jerry tennent and his devices and wonder if i can use Spooky2 the same way he is using his device to stimulate meridian points. If you havent checked out his youtube videos yet it is amazing that he has figured out the energy systems needed for the healthy body. I have the spooky 2 Thanks much Mac Powell

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